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The Tablet Project

 This project has been in planning for 4 years. Initially the idea came from the eMocha Project in Kenya where ODK (Open Data Kit) was used to collect information about patients using the original G1 Android phone.

COI BUsiness Meeting 15/10/2013

PhD Student

Have received the readings to date as agreed, next instalment on Friday

COI Projects

Patient Related Assessment for Radiotherapy Acute Effects Monitoring

 This document provides a specification for the structure of a professional and patient assessment group for acute side effect assessment in a radiotehrapy unit. The structure provided the name and code for importation into MOSAIQ through the HL7 gateway.

Modelling Radiotherapy Services

This is a useful technical paper, unfortunately in Danish describing radiotherapy service planning.

Oncology knowledge structure - Markup language & display

Oncology knowledge structure - Markup language & display

I included the description of oncology knowledge with markup to demonstrate how the items that we put in are to be finally used for furthering oncology.

Diagnosis & Stage screen in MOSAIQ 2.2


The Diagnosis and Staging screen is a real step backwards in functional use since v4.0, AND to boot is well behind the functionality that could accompany the screens.




ILLAWARRA MEDICAL: Instrumenting a health network for large-scale medical data gathering.



Two of the biggest challenges facing the medical community relate to data and process. We need to understand how to:

  • Gather and leverage healthcare data in a ubiquitous fashion
  • Manage and improve healthcare processes in a standardized fashion

Specifically, the aims of this project are:

Accountability as a Service for the Cloud

SOA is a higher programming abstraction than objects and components looking at collaboration beyond physical and logical boundaries/scope which results in new business perspectives such as SaaS, IaaS and DaaS.

Cloud computing is just a utility for delivery of computing services (SaaS, etc) which is based around the Internet capabilities. The Total Ownership Cost and Quality of Service are improved by centralisation, with environmental friendliness resulting from aggregation of energy use with virtualisation.

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