The Range of Informatics Topics

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  • Natural language: text mining, retrieval and managements;
  • Ontology language: semantic indexing, ontology construction, induction and management;
  • Logic language: knowledge representation;
  • Sequence language: RNA structure prediction, protein domain prediction;
  • Database language: database interface, query language;
  • Visualization language: information visualization, molecular visualization;
  • Image language: image indexing and retrieval
  • e-Health
    Design and development methodologies for Healthcare IT
    Semantic Interoperability
    Confidentiality and Data Security
    Knowledge management
    Databases and Datawarehousing
    Support for clinical decision-making
    Expert Systems in Healthcare
    Wearable Health Informatics
    Mobile technologies for Healthcare applications
    Evaluation and use of Healthcare IT
    Physiological Modeling
    Cognitive Informatics
    Affective Computing
    Therapeutic Systems and Technologies
    e-Commerce in Health Sector
    Healthcare Management Systems
    Human-Machine Interfaces for Disabled Persons
    Development of Assistive Technology systems for Independent Living
    Cognitive rehabilitation
    ICT, Ageing and Disability
    Practice based Research Methods for Healthcare IT
    Biosignal processing
    Decision support
    Devices and sensors
    Disease management
    Electronic health record
    Expert systems
    Guidelines and protocols
    Health information systems
    Home-based eHealth
    Human-computer interaction
    Imaging and visualization
    Impact and usability
    Learning and education
    Knowledge management
    Knowledge-based systems
    Modelling and simulation
    National eHealth roadmaps
    Nursing informatics
    Patient safety
    Personal health records
    Pervasive healthcare
    Privacy and security
    Public health and consumer informatics
    Quality assurance
    Semantic web
    Trustful health information for citizens and patients
    Web 2.0 applications
  • Biomedical Signal Processing and Analysis
    - Biomedical Image Processing and Analysis
    - Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
    - Systems Biology and Modeling Methodologies
    - Diagnostic and Therapeutic Systems
    - e-Health Systems, m-Health Systems, and Telemedicine Systems.

    AI: Artificial Intelligence
    BCS: Biomedical Cognitive Science
    CBT: Computer Based Training
    CCT: Coding, Classification, Terminology
    CGL: Computerized Clinical Guidelines
    CHI: Consumer Health Informatics
    CIM: Clin. Information Management
    DI: Dental Informatics
    DSS: Decision Support Systems
    EDU: Education and Training
    EPR: Electronic Patient Records
    IR: Information Retrieval
    IRV: Imaging, Robotics, Virtual Reality
    MLP: Medical Language Processing
    NI: Nursing Informatics
    OA: Outcomes Assessment
    PHI: Public Health Informatics
    SIG: Signal processing
    SSL: Standards, Social and Legal Issues
    TEL: Telemedicine