Home Page Links for OISs

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The links in the headings will pass you to the home pages for the software.

IMPAC MOSAIQ/Multi Access 
Siemens LANTIS

These two oncology information systems share a common heritage, GUI and their version numbers. They are a fully-featured information systems which includes the mandatory Record & Verify software to run linear accelerators, as well as a useful EMR at the 'front'-end.

Varian ARIA

This is a large information system which includes the mandatory Record & Verify software to run linear accelerators. It has an EMR at the 'front'-end.


The Joint Diagnostic Medical Imaging Centre in downtown Toronto ON is developing a new PACS called ClearCanvas with a local firm. This PACS is developed in .NET and released under the BSD license. It is the preferred non-commercial archive for DICOM-RT, MicroscopyJPG in the oncology department.


There are several general practice information systems available which have not made a transition into specialist medicine, despite having all the practice management components required for deployment in an oncology setting. The Canadian general practice EMR called  OSCAR is produced by McMaster University under the care of Dr David Chan, and has specialty modules for Ophthalmology and Obstetrics already built. The project is mature (>10 years old), is stable and has passed every compliance, security and stability tested leveled at GP-EMRs by the Canadian government. It is our preferred non-commercial departmental EMR for those not wishing to use commercial OISs. There is an enhancement planned to add an Oncology module to permit its use in Oncology departments.


Professor Chris Hamilton built a system called CTRTL when working in Hull UK to beat the problem of radiotherapy and chemotherapy coordination. It is built on a MS Access foundation.

Google BED

Here is a Journal Updater by Dr Faisal Vali from Chicago that is added to your iGoogle page to provide you with a constantly updated list of articles in your favourite publications. Also, there is a BED Calculator to allow gross compensation for altered fractionation. In the future he may release this as an Android and iPhone plug-in. 

IBRT! (Ipsilateral Breast Tumour Recurrence!) 

IBRT! is a website and an app for phones that run the Android operating system (a.k.a. the "Google phone". Users of these phones can download the app from the Android Market on their handset.